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tv   Today  NBC  August 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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this morning a clean swept of of gold, silver and bronze in the hurdles. plus, rallies in a dramatic fashion in bronze in beach volleyball. and hot water? two of ryan's teammates pulled from a team as they were on there way home from rio. officials now questioning the accounts of four swimmers that say that they were victims of a robbery. does the story hold up.
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exclusive interview. today august 18th, 2016. talk about competing the most the first sweep in olympic history. >> it's over. the united states won the bronze. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" with the olympic lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning. i have hoda here on the beach and we wake up and everybody is talk about this swimming korch tigs. >> yeah, over night the drama at
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they were on the plane and taken off. officials investigating their claims of being robbed with ryan and another steam mate. we talked to ryan last night, and we will tell you what he had the say. how about the team us skparks the team a gold, bronze and silver. and then to carrie and them in beach volleyball. >> yeah, they dominated the competition and what's left for the final five? we will find out when they join us live on the beach. let us go back to new york.
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unfortunately we are still covering the raging wild fire in california. how are crews going be able to get it under control. we will take you there live when you get it there in a couple of minutes. back to you in rio. savannah thank you very brazilian authorities investigating. this is an odd. it's an odd story. >> yeah, this is stunning and americans facing the brazilian police. ryan is out home and watching these events unfold. the two teammates pulled from a team. >> over night two american
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station and now the center of an embarrassing incident and refusing the answer questions. >> ryan is sticking to the story. are you? >> hours before they have been dramatically pulled off the flight home and the lead detective said they moved quickly. >> they're all cooperating to the full extent. >> are they protesting t way that the athletes are treating. >> all three rm with ryan when they say that they were robbed early at gun point on sunday. having left hours before a brazilian judge ordered him to stay. lochte say that he is sticking by his story and now some things have changed.
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gas station to use the men's room when they were robbed. this video footage hours after the robbery say that is this looks like the swimmers are joking around. matt says that they were in shock. >> the guy pulled out his gun, cocked it and put it to my my hands up and said whatever. >> they want the swimmers to explain. >> early sunday morning matt recorded himself. >> that was posted nearly five hours later the swimmers arrived here at the olympic village. the question is what happened at that time.
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6:56. police believe that it was later. >> is it really justified to pull olympic gold winning athletes from a plane? >> well, there was a court order. a court order that we followed. >> reporter: i asked the detective how long this will take and that's up to the judge and saying that we have got access to evi collecting some more. >> all right. thanks. >> it's a tricky leave situation and with that we have more with savannah. okay. so many questions here. first of all is lochte in the clear? is there anything that can bring him back to bra snil. >> well, he might be in the
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that and on the story line if this gets any thick er, it won't be liquid. it's hard to follow why it's changed so much. that does not mean that they're lying. in investigations you have discrept pen sis. >> if they're major, that's going to be a red flag to the brazilian authorities. what about the two athletes that were yanked after the plane. know? >> they're subject to the laws the united states would be subject to our laws and they do have a strong investigative format here not unlike what we consider in the united states with subpoenas where you can pull people. the decision to do it within the context of the olympics and no greater public evidence that we're aware of does seem to be aggressive. having said that, they're subject to questioning and potential charges if there are false or misleading statements to authorities that could carry up to six months in brazil.
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under the 1986 brazilian constitution they have a right to remain silent. they could actually with good lawyering stay out of most of this. that would raise potentially more questions if you were the victim of the crime, why would you need to be silent by explaining exactly what happened to you. >> as you said legally the soup is getting thicker. thank you so much. we'll send it back to you in rio. >> savannah, thanks very much. as much as i respect ari, i don't think the story has ch there are a couple details that have changed. the basics of the story have remained the same. you talked to him first. >> >> one thing we're hearing that's different is that he told me that the car was sideswiped and pulled over to gas station. when you spoke to him, it was not sideswiped. car was standing still when people came up with guns and badges. >> he talks about the guy pulled a gun out and put it to his
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>> they agree on that. he embellished when he told the guy, look, i'm not getting down on the ground. if you got a gun, you can use it. he told me that. he never had that dirty harry moment. >> what was his demeanor when he was talking to you explaining it all? >> he was tired and shocked that it happened. he talked about the athletes. the surveillance tape of the village 7:00 a.m. the judge said they were joking and casual. we weren't joking. we were in shock. i asked him pointedly, i said there are skeptics who think this story was concocted to hide some kind of other embarrassing behavior. something you didn't want people to know about. were you with someone you shouldn't be with? he was adamant about that. he said, no, that didn't happen. we wouldn't make this story up. we were victims and we're lucky and happy to be safe. >> i would say this, it's interesting to me.
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or five hours after he got into olympic village. they had been out all night long. he's not the kind that can weave a brilliant tale when he hasn't been out all night long. pardon me. the fact he told this story makes me think he could not have invented the whole thing. >> it's not over. i can tell you that. >> definitely isn't. billy, thanks. let's move on now to the competitive action here in rio. day 12 was another big one for team usa including history making performances on the track. natalie is here with all of the details. what a great -- >> u.s. women winning first gold medals of these games on the track. the 100 meter hurdles. highlights from another busy night in rio. for team usa, an olympic first. a clean sweep in the women's 100 meter hurdles. [ gunfire ] three americans shutting out the field. brianna rollins taking gold.
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castlin, bronze. >> i'm so excited. we're blessed. we came out here and did our best and came out here and sweeped. >> reporter: on the other side of the track, american women took the top two spots in the long jump. bartoletta edging out britney. the teammates ecstatic after their win. in women's 200 meter final, start settling for bronze. >> thompson stride for stride. >> and thompson stride for stride -- >> reporter: jamaican elaine thompson won the second gold here in rio. at the same time on copacabana beach, the u.s. women's beach volleyball team was back in the spotlight. kerri walsh jennings and april ross defeating brazil for the bronze medal. >> it's over! >> reporter: just one night
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another brazilian team in their quest for the gold. >> i'm so honored to have won this. this was an -- as an athlete, i swear to god, this was the hardest match i ever played in my life. >> reporter: in water polo, the u.s. women's team beat hungary, 14-10. now they're preparing to face italy, the americans hoping to win their second consecutive gold medal. back on the track, american evan yeager took silver in the steeple chase. the first american man to do that since 1984. sights on his second gold. eaton had a full schedule wednesday, running the 100 meter dash, leaping over the bar in the high jump. taking first place in the long jump and finishing the night with the 400 meters. he's now in the lead gearing up for the second day of competition. >> of course i'm trying to win. you know? if a record is there, i'll try to go for it. right now it's about getting the
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fastest man looking to add to his legacy. usain bolt finishing alongside canada's andre de grasse sharing a smile as they finish the 200 meter semifinal. bolt holds the world record in the event and will go for third straight gold in the 200 finals tonight. >> got to love that shared smile. between usain bolt and andre de grasse. u.s. dominating the medal count. 93 through the first 12 days of the games. china in second ed there. what should you look forward to today? more track and field action including usain bolt in men's 200 meter final. that's going to be a big one. the gold medal match in men's beach volleyball as well, guys. >> signature smile. >> i love it. >> total finger waive, right? guess what? coming up we'll talk to the final five about their dominance in gymnastics right here in rio. and don't forget, natalie
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all the olympic action tonight 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. central time on nbc. let's go back to savannah in new york. >> guys, thank you so much. in the news this morning, that massive out of control wildfire raging in southern california is only getting bigger this morning. more than 40 square miles have now been scorched. an untold number of homes there destroyed. let's go right to nbc's joe lin kant with the latest for us. jo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's the blue cut fire that continues to ragit than 31,000 acres and counting. among the devastation, this is a route 66 popular diner, popular among celebrities including elvis presley and clint eastwood. overnight, out of control flames fed by dry brush and whipping winds. fire crews unable to keep the fast moving blue cut fire in check. >> in my 40 years of fighting fire, i have never seen fire behavior so extreme. >> reporter: san bernardino county is about 60 miles east of
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disaster zone in a region battling wild fires fueled by a brutal heat wave and five-year drought. firefighters attacking from the air and on the ground. more than 82,000 evacuees, many rushing to get out. >> scary. i just left. i got my pictures, my dogs and left. >> reporter: on wednesday we got a firsthand look at the devastation. >> unfortunately this fire came upon us so quickly with little to no warning that the possibility does exist that somebody was not able to escape this fire. >> reporter: there is some good news this morning. interstate 15, the main thoroughfare that connects southern california and nevada now reopened but only in one direction the northbound direction. meanwhile, there is still a lot of flames lot of smoke, this fire is only 4% contained so far. >> tough times there. jo, thank you so much. we move to the presidential race. donald trump hitting the trail for the first time since the
7:16 am
aim at trump's new team. nbc's hallie jackson is at trump tower for us this morning. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and this morning with that new team in place, it's a return to an old motto, let trump be trump after that de motion for his former top aide, today trump heads to a swing state for the first time since the shake-up, north carolina, after installing new campaign ceo breitbart ceo stephen bannon. and kellyanne conway insists there's still time to turn around trump's slipping poll numbers. senior adviser tells nbc news that means we'll see the notoriously off the cuff candidate on script more often, reading from a teleprompter more frequently. hillary clinton, by the way, pouncing on trump's new team saying he can hire or fire whoever he wants, he's still, in his words, shown us who he is. she's taking aim at him this morning with a new ad looking at his taxes arguing he should release them as trump gets ready
7:17 am
own ads. savannah, he has his first tv ads of the general election set to air starting tomorrow in four battleground states. savannah? >> hali, thank you so much. it's 7:16. back to the guys in rio. >> all right, savannah. thank you very much. mr. roker, a little cooler here today. not so in parts of the u.s. >> that's right, especially where they don't need the heat. we're talking about out west where the fire danger continues high. you can see we have red flag warnings and fire weather watches stretching from california all of the way to the pacific northwest. over 25,000 acres burned. 1,300 people on that blue cut fire. the big problem going to be the winds. look at these winds. gusting up to 40 miles an hour. southern california, 35 miles per hour. and the temperatures are going to be 5 to 20 degrees above average with record low humidity and we're looking at record heat not just in california but also up into the pacific northwest. it goes into the latter part of the weekend with temperatures into the 90s.
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>> that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thanks so much. coming up, kerri walsh jennings and april ross bouncing back to win bronze in women's beach volleyball. this morning they'll celebrate right here with us on copacabana beach. >> there they are. also, the most dominant women's gymnastics team ever. what's next for the final five after taking rio by storm?
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yes, the americans behind a historic sweep of the 100 meter hurdles. >> great job.
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?? we're back now on a thursday morning. it's the 18th day of august, 2016. it's anotherat along copacabana beach. 13th day of the summer olympic games. a chant of usa in the background for good reason. >> every now and then we have gold, silver, bronze. >> we're going to tell you about this little setup here in the photo we're recreating in a second. let's look at headlines. ryan lochte's teammates expected to talk to brazilian police
7:31 am
group. two swimmers were taken off plane and detained at rio's airport before being released overnight. lochte is back in the u.s. we talked to him last night. his story that he told us is the same as the story he told on sunday. >> also we have american ashton eaton holding the lead heading into today's final events of the decathlon. he came in second in the gold from london. >> all right. and the u.s. trio, brianna rollins, nia ali and kristi castlin combined for the first sweep of the 100 meter hurdles in olympic history. all three hurdlers are with us. ladies, congratulations. >> wow. >> thank you so much. >> i watched this last night.
7:32 am
it was so exciting. you seem to get off to great start. >> i did. i tried to stay composed and just stay focused on my own 10 hurdles to make sure i got to the line. i am so grateful to god for getting us through. >> when you were watching the results come in, it was clear that there was a first. and then there was a collective breath. tell us about what it felt like when you knew yer bronze. >> i actually was looking at the screen and it wasn't more so for myself but for the team. i did my job. please say i did my job. when my name came up, i immediately dropped down because i was, like, yes, i did it. i'm happy we were able to come out and make history. >> it seems like forever before your name came up. your name came up in second place right off the bat. you must have loved your race. >> i'm always in a position
7:33 am
get third or first. it's also close for me. this time i knew when i came across that i did my part. i really wanted us to get the sweep. we prayed for this. >> what about the historical significance of this. when you look up there and we got to see gold, silver, bronze, all usa flags. it made us feel so good. what was it like from your perspective? >> awesome and great moment. when women come together and just be together, it's like a sisterhood, we can accomplish great things. out here and represent america in that way. >> if anybody got to see this, this is a glamorous event in the beginning. i can talk about your entrance into the stadium. you came out and you struck a pose. >> this is a once in a lifetime experience. i may never have it again. >> show me what you did. >> i did a little twirl. getting in formation. >> the other awesome thing you guys did was afterwards there was a beautiful picture of you
7:34 am
we're going to ask you for this moment on the "today" show if you could do that. >> i'll get out of the way. >> should we do it on three. ready? one, two, three. yes. >> brianna, nia, kristi, thank you. clean sweep for team usa. let's take a little look here. we have more to talk about. more good news. it happened last n >> i have a new found respect for the bronze medal match. because we were devastated the night before. literally devastated. we didn't sleep a wink and we had 24 hours to come to grips with what just happened and to fight for a chance at
7:35 am
anything and we did it. >> you're not talking physically but emotionally to gather yourselves. >> mentally. >> and to have to fight in that bronze medal match. you either get a medal or go home empty handed. there's so much on tlien and we're playing the number one seeded team in brazil. they are brazilians, so we knew it would be crazy. >> a lot of people predicted that would be the gold medal match right there. >> yeah. >> those two teams. you also not only had to gather yourself before the match, you had to gather yourselves during the match. comeback. >> we did. i'm so proud of us because we always stuck together. we got our butts kicked in the first game. 21-17. i knew they weren't comfortable and i knew it was a matter of time. april -- i don't know if you watched it, but april's defense last night was insanity. it was a highlight reel. finally it got me going around. once we joined forces it was magic. >> you're the most decorated beach volleyball player in
7:36 am
how does that feel? >> it makes me very proud. i've done it alongside people that i truly love and respect and admire and they make me better and there's no shame in a bronze medal. i used to think that. i'm ashamed of thinking that. there is so much joy and hard work that went into this. >> interesting to hear you say that. you thought there was shame in the bronze. >> that's my ego talking and that's just ignorance to me. it's a terrible way to frame things. because it's like, we won this. we didn't lose. we won this. we lost our chance to win a gold but we won this bronze medal. >> april, in tokyo, i will be 87 years old. >> still looking like you're 20. >> yeah, right. can you see this team back together in tokyo? i'll ask you before i ask her. >> i can totally see us together in tokyo. assuming she'll have to have one more shoulder surgery before. >> no! >> but she'll come back stronger than ever, like she always does. >> oh my goodness. >> no, that would be fun. >> congratulations on winning
7:37 am
>> you, too. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> all right. we say tokyo, absolutely. let's show you what we've got. a great crowd first of all. but unfortunately we've seen more rain for our friends in louisiana and texas on into arkansas. yesterday parts of louisiana picking up another two to three inches of rain. we'll see that again today. to the north and you can see in fact up around dallas they could see 1.5 to 3 inches of rain but from houston, lake charles into baton e, the good news is it will start to dry out as we get on toward the weekend.
7:38 am
>> make sure you get that weather you need. go to the weather channel on guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. >> what's happening? look who took over our anchor desk. the five girls are with us. we're going to talk to the aces of gymnastics. the final five historic run in rio. what's in store for them next? how do you like the desk? is it comfy? >> yes. >> awesome. >> we'll talk to them right after this. >> careful with that. >> oh, no. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku.
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>> announcer: "today's" athlete to watch is sponsored by p&g. proud sponsor of moms. >> we're back with "today's" athlete to watch. this morning some of the biggest winners in rio. the final five will leave here as the most successful u.s. women's gymnastics team ever. we're going to talk to them in a moment. first, let's look at their historic run.
7:43 am
>> the final five rocked rio. >> that's what an olympic champion looks like. >> gold in team competition. >> one of the greatest dynasties in gymnastics history. >> gold in the all-around by simone biles. >> silver all around for team captain aly raisman. >> a return to the olympics has been worth it. >> a third gold for biles in vault. >> she's a >> silver in uneven bars for madison kocian. >> that's why they put madison kocian on this team. >> in beam, a rare stumble for biles who still took bronze. laurie hernandez took silver. >> this was a very routine. >> in floor, grandma raisman grabbed silver. while biles soared to her record fourth gold. >> once again obliterate.
7:44 am
weren't enough, zac efron, team of heart meeting their heartthrob. a perfect end to a near perfect run in rio. how happy are we? here they are. olympic champions. you can't wipe these miles can we start with zac. have you come down off that high yet? are we still floating a little? >> i still could see him again. >> so this is just so you see. i know you guys haven't seen this moment, right? by the way, i think one thing we left out of the piece that you said was that we're setting a wedding date. you know what he said?
7:45 am
>> that was pretty big. >> let's look back at all of what happened. first of all, the fact that you guys have made history in gymnastics. you guys right now will go down in history books as the winningest gymnastics team. aly, what does that mean to you? >> it's special. it probably won't hit us for a long time. we're on cloud nine right now. feels like it's just a it's just incredible. we all worked so hard to get to this moment. it's really special that it paid off. >> did you guys by chance see "people" magazine cover? >> yes. >> can we show it to people who haven't. you're on the cover of "people" magazine. what does it feel like? on the cover of "sports illustrated" and now the whole group on "people." >> it's still very crazy to see us all over america and all my friends i'm sure their friends are showing us magazine and it's
7:46 am
>> you guys have not only have you made history, laurie, you just enjoyed yourself. you guys seemed to have such a wonderful time. what do you think is the memory you're going to take back from the olympics for you? >> i think probably two memories. one of them being the fact that we just were able to work so well as a team and get that team gold and just enjoy it all together and next would be just being able to room with all of the girls. there's so many memories. >> madison, yound it. madison, everyone has a million insta followers. madison needs to get there. you're close. i just want to show you what these girls are all about. can i show you my phone. matt and i are doing an interview minding our own business with these hurdlers. can you see my phone. right here.
7:47 am
down. right there. look. wait a minute. wait a minute. this is worth it. i'm telling you. hold on. it seriously is worth it. look. hold on. i'm wasting time. can you see anything. by the way, they clipped my phone and took a bunch of selfies. >> we took your glasses. your paperwork. >> minute. we're bummed this is the end for you when it comes to gymnastics. what does this team mean to you right here at the end? >> this is absolutely fantastic. this was my dream. it's like a dream came true to have the most successful team for the final of my very long gymnastics career. i'm so proud of these girls and i want to thank them for all of their dedication and hard work they put in.
7:48 am
we want to thank all of you guys. thank you for everything you've done for yourselves and for this country. >> did you seriously take 45 seconds when you couldn't get your phone to turn on? >> i know. look. they're great, right? >> they were worth the wait. you're right. by the way, i kept a secret. when i interviewed right after that floor exercise, you said where's hoda? everything okay. everything is fine. she's in the next room with efron. >> so worth it. so worth it. who wants somebody to come next? >> carrie underwood. >> jack franco. >> all right. >> we have billy bush here. >> i already gave him a hug. >> thank you so much. coming up -- >> give me your phone. >> that was so bad. we'll talk to an american runner from one of the most memorable
7:49 am
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>> if you push this button here, that actually brings photos up. you can see them and show them. >> overnight twist and turns in that saga over the alleged
7:53 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, team sweep for team usa. americans capture gold, silver and bronze in the women's 100 meter hurdles. jennings and april ross fight back for the win taking home bronze in beach volleyball. meanwhile, drama in rio. two members of the u.s. swim team pulled off their plane and briefly detained over questions over their alleged robbery. ryan lochte sticks to his story telling us what he says happened but did he change the details? plus, homecoming. team usa athletes are welcomed
8:01 am
special moments. and beauties in brazil. the country known for sand and surf has a reputation for nicks and tucks. >> why do you think plastic surgery is so common in brazil? >> it's beautiful. it's very important to be proud. "today," thursday, august 18th, 2016. ?? >> say hi to mom in philadelphia. we're loving rio. >> celebrating my 10th birthday in rio. >> happy birthday! ?? >> we're from milwaukee, wisconsin. >> we would like to give a shout-out to team usa's final
8:02 am
>> all right. we're back now. 8:00 on a thursday morning. 18th day of august, 2016. we're back at the beach with a few hundred of our closest friends. so what happened yesterday? who saw some great events? what did you go >> u.s. women's water polo. >> i watched men's basketball on tv and went to bed. >> i slept in. >> i got a pedicure. i needed it badly. >> what did you do? >> men's soccer. i watched brazil take on honduras. i took billy bush. i took three of my kids. it was about 1,000 degrees in
8:03 am
>> come here, titus. can we bring you? do you know who this baby belongs to? nia ali. >> he ran on to congratulate mom when she won her medal. everyone is talking about titus. titus wanted to say hi to everybody. can you do kisses. titus, do you want to give kisses for tv? okay. so cute. >> look at this hair. that's the best hair. >> beautiful. >> coming up, moments on wednesday. a true display of olympic spirit after two runners collided on the track. one of them was american abbey d'agostino. we can't wait to talk to her. she's here. first, let's go back to savannah. >> hi, guys. cute babies. let me one up you. i don't know if i can compete with cute babies. when you come back, we have a surprise for you. we're adding someone to the "today" family. a little puppy.
8:04 am
about house trained. i put some newspaper down in your office. and there have only been one or two little accidents. >> that's good. all right. savannah, thanks very much. let's talk about here in rio new twists of the alleged armed robbery of four u.s. swimmers includin r police detaining two americans for a brief time overnight. lochte is back in the u.s. we spoke to him exclusively last night. nbc's keir simmons has the rest of this story. keir? >> ryan lochte spoke to you and was sticking with his account. the questions are mounting this morning over ryan lochte and his teammates' story. the detective running the investigation telling me he's gathering more evidence, evidence that led brazilian police to pull u.s. olympians from plane as they were about to
8:05 am
medal swimmers are stranded in brazil. overnight gunnar bentz and jack conger leaving a rio police station tight lipped and swarmed by news cameras. hours earlier, they have been pulled from their flight before it took off from rio's airport. their passports temporarily confiscated and according to the olympic committee, jimmy feigen is now in communication with the authorities. ryan lochte is reaffirming his side o lauer in a phone conversation they were in shock after they say they were robbed at gun point early sunday but a brazilian judge said it shows them appearing unfazed by the brush with an armed robber and saying it looks like they're joking around. police say they believe the athletes left club france at 5:45 a.m. ryan lochte says they were robbed while in a taxi returning
8:06 am
he first told billy bush the taxi was forced from the road. >> we got pulled over in our taxi. and these guys came out with a badge, police badge. >> now he says they stopped to use the men's room in gas station. lochte told matt that a gun was pointed in his direction not as he first said held to his head. >> a guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it. put it to my i put my hands up. whatever. >> according to the documents, lochte telling police there was one robber. feigen said there was more. lochte says authorities never asked him to stay in brazil. not the case for lochte's olympic teammates, now stuck in rio until detectives here get to
8:07 am
happened. i think you can expect an announcement today and at some stage we're likely to see jimmy feigen meet with brazilian police to answer their questions. >> thank you very much. while all that drama was playing out, the olympic action was heatingting up. u.s. adding to its big league in the olympic medal count. peter alexander is just up the road at olympic park. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. team usa with another impressive performance in prime tim hurdles. olympic first for the american women in track. on the beach, a silver lining for u.s. in women's bronze medal match. >> blocked. can't get there. point for the united states. >> facing fierce opponents from yet another brazilian beach basketball team -- >> the americans are back in business. >> reporter: america sensation in the sand kerri walsh jennings
8:08 am
back to medal. >> it's over. the united states has won the bronze. >> giving walsh jennings a fourth straight olympic medal. on the track a team of american trailblazers sweeping all three medals in the 100 meter hurdles. >> it's a u.s. sweep. the first sweep in this event in olympic history. >> brianna rollins getting the gold. nia ali the silver and kristi castlin the bronze. >> thompson has >> elaine thompson racing into the record books winning the women's 200 meter just days after capturing gold in the 100 meter race. >> bolt comes away >> comes away flying out of the blocks. >> thompson's freakishly fast countryman usain bolt favored to win the 100 meter tonight, flashing his famous smile finishing just ahead of andre de grasse. >> his third consecutive 200
8:09 am
>> when we recently visited bolt in the stadium he revealed his biggest goal, once thought impossible, running the 200 meter in under 19 seconds. >> is that attainable? is that attainable as a 30-year-old. >> it's possible. is it illegal to take my shirt off? i'm going to go crazy. >> over the water jump. >> winning silver in steeplechase, the first in decades. in the same race ugandan runner crashing into a hurdle, forcing him to withdraw. called the most athletic man in the world, american ashton eaton leading the decathlon after five events. >> from the start ashton was not going to lose this race. >> going for back-to-back olympic gold in the competition. >> you really just have to be smooth, treat each attempt like with 90% effort in a way.
8:10 am
>> finally the brazilian men celebrating a sweet soccer semifinal win. the host nation scoring the fastest goal in olympic history, just 15 seconds into the game. in the end, your final brazil trouncing honduras 6-0. now heading to the gold medal match against germany. >> that soccer player is a huge star in this country. let's look at the medal count right now. americans china, great britain and russia. 25 more golds up for grabs today, includes the men's 200 meter. as we told you ashton eaton decathlon, men's beach volleyball final and women's indoor volleyball u.s. versus serbia for a trip to the gold medal game. when we were back in jamaica, bolt told me at the he said of these games, which he repeatedly said were the last, that he wanted the headlines to read around the world immortal.
8:11 am
that title. >> sounds about right, peter. thanks so much. savannah has the rest of the top stories of the morning. savannah? >> good morning again. we'll start with this devastating wildfire burning out of control in southern california. officials still can't say how many homes have been destroyed by the blue cut fire in san bernardino county but they warn that the number will be large. firefighters are being hampered by the dry rugg gusting winds there. homeland security secretary jeh johnson will tour louisiana today after a week of flooding that killed 13 people and damaged tens of thousands of homes. officials fear the state could face its worst housing crisis since hurricane katrina 11 years ago. fema says it's looking into lining up rental properties and temporary housing units. more than 70,000 people have
8:12 am
disaster assistance. in politics, donald trump is campaigning in the swing state of north carolina today. his first campaign trip since a staff shake-up. trump's new team insists there is time to turn the race around by having him focus more on the issues. trump had his first classified intelligence briefing held at an fbi office in new york city. in the meantime, hillary clinton's campaign is out with a new ad today attacking trump for not releasing his tax returns. now camera. we'll mention here everybody turns out okay. take a look at this. an oklahoma boy trying to cross a busy highway when a truck hauling a mobile home drives past. the boy is hit and then dragged about 70 feet but amazingly, he springs back to his feet. friends come to see if he's okay. the driver was not charged. and finally, go big or float home. the world's largest aircraft had
8:13 am
field near london on wednesday. it can stay up for five days at a time. perhaps a future in military surveillance but in the meantime it's been nicknamed the flying bum. no idea why they call it that. i don't see it myself. >> okay. >> looks like the human backside. >> oh man. >> savannah, thank you ver >> up next, how team usa's medal winners, like katie ledecky are celebrated when they return home from rio. >> plus, the one olympian who bruce springsteen follows on twitter. >>ed a the american sprinter will join us.
8:14 am
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i work as professional mountain guide and the surface pro 4 allows me to actually operate my business from everest. i help clients achieve their dreams. being able to go between having a laptop and having a tablet is really important to me... i couldn't do that with my mac. i love that we as humans can go to the top of the world. welcome back to>> rio. another special edition of what's trending today. first a perspiration update.
8:18 am
which is a t-shirt under the shirt. >> good for you, billy. >> an extra protective layer. way to go. >> you are going to be very hot later. >> arming up. >> the flies are circling. be careful. >> i haven't washed it in three weeks. >> all right. on trending, do you remember those selfies that hoda tried to bring up with the final five, they never worked out. news flash, they are in. now you get to see what you were missing back then. >> they picked up my they said you might want to check your phone out so i did and i was scrolling through, they were sitting they desk, they were wearing my glasses, there is a close-up of somebody's lips. there's laurie wearing my glasses. >> cute. >> i love the picture of them breaking into your credit card information there. that's great. >> all right. so a lot of the olympic athletes are heading home and it's fun to see what happens when they get there.
8:19 am
come. sim even manuel arrived back at houston on wednesday. at the airport she was greeted by mom, cheering fans, a dance team, a marching band. for katie ledecky she was swarmed at dulles airport, the fans and classmates and friends gave her a hero's welcome. that looks like such fun. >> that is cool. how did michael phelps the most decorated olympian in history en retirement? >> how? >> in the pool. take a look. he got home and that's niccole and their cute little baby boomer. he said there's nothing like being back home. that's time for fun. >> i think he's getting boomer ready for the competition. >> maybe. >> we got a call from boomer phelps a little while ago he said get titus ali off the
8:20 am
>> we have pop start? >> i think we do. the battle for the affections of simone biles, people are still talking about zac efron's epic surprise for the gymnasts. a couple weeks ago the guy jokingly dubbed simone's brazilian boyfriend his name is arthur and he and simone shared playful photos together. arthur posted this photo on instagram saying, hey, zac, i >> i think arthur -- >> listen to me, my friend. she is my girl, and you back off. >> anyway -- >> that's spanish. >> go, brazil. >> but it's not brazil, it's brazil. >> they don't say the l. >> bruce springstein has a twitter account with nearly 900,000 followers but he only follows 35 accounts including
8:21 am
fallon and "rolling stone" magazine, but again who else is on string steen's list, katie ledecky. >> nice. >> yeah, big fan of the gold medalist and vice versa. in an interview last year katie talked about her favorite musical acts and she said my dad is a big bruce springstein fan and i have caught on, too. her dad matt lauer, matt lauer a huge bruce springstein fan. >> and katie ledecky fan. >> and now >> want a t-shirt, matt? >> my head is about to spontaneously combust. >> look at them all. >> they will dry. >> i'm still dry, too. >> stand up and turn around. >> still dry. >> mr. roker checking the weather. >> you don't want to see that? >> no. >> we are looking at some more wet weather down through texas on into parts of louisiana, arkansas. so we are going to have to key
8:22 am
we have more hot weather and in the east it is going to stay hot and humid, that bermuda high keeping those temperatures pumped up. atlanta, georgia, new record, 95 plus days in 2016, 21. washington has had eight straight days of 95 plus days. that will come to an end today but the toastiness continues. feels like temperatures are going to continue to feel awful
8:23 am
guys. >> i'm glad yours is. i will tell you that. by the way, check us out on sirius. >> we will be there, too. >> there are always surprises that pop up at the olympic games and everybody loves to wait for those surprises. right? >> yeah, this he embody the spirit of those games and we showed you this one unforgettable one on wednesday, it started when new zealand's nikki hamblin and american abbey d'agostino collided with just qualifying heat. d'agostino stopped to help hamblin up. hamblin returned the favor seconds later when d'agostino's leg gave out. guess who is with us now, abbey is here. >> how are you, abbey? >> i'm doing well. yeah. >> are you? we will talk about how you're feeling in a second because that doesn't look so good. was this just -- i mean, i think most people's instinct after colliding with another runner would be get up, get back in the
8:24 am
was to turn around and lend a helping hand. where does that come from? >> you know, that's a good question. i've been asked that quite a bit in the last few days and the thing about that moment was everything happened so fast and it's just -- kind of all i know is that i got up and my first instinct was, okay, turn around, we have to finish this. i don't think that was me. i think there was -- i mean, i think that was literally like the spirit of god in me, like let's go. like this is -- >> and a meniscus tear. >> yeah, exactly. >> and then to return the favor, too. you guys had not met before this moment, right? >> no. >> you guys helped each other out. what did you say afterwards because it was a beautiful embrace after. >> yeah, we just thanked each other. we were both just speechless at, you know, the fact that we were able to share a moment like that and a we both realized it was
8:25 am
a torn acl and torn meniscus. you're going to have -- is this a surgery situation? >> yeah, i will schedule surgery when i get home. >> i'm so sorry. what will you take away from these games? >> i mean, i think just it's encouraging that a simple act of kindness just resonates with people and we see it and we know that like that's what this is about and that's what the games is about and what can happen. >> beautiful. >> all right, abbey, thank you very much. we are back in a moment, but first more memorable images getty. ? ?
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
?? ??
8:31 am
18th of august, 2016. say hi to the new kids on the bloco. a rio based boy band here famous for mixing '90s hits and chart toppers with the sound of samba and rhythms of carnival. >> they were at the beach volleyball venue. we thank them for coming downn >> they came straight from beach volleyball. >> that's very nice. >> coming up, savannah couldn't be here in rio. that didn't stop us from hitting the town with her. we'll show you and savannah what happened. it was fun. >> don't say she's two dimensional. really. and don't forget next week when we get back to the plaza, we're letting you go for the gold. in this case, a chance to win $25,000. >> this is amazing.
8:32 am
plaza. show us all of your olympic spirit and we're going to pick one lucky contestant each day to hunt for gold in a special ball pit. you find it, you get the 25,000. we'll keep it going every day through thursday until someone finds it. >> to get us in the spirit, al will start monday in one of the diver's swimsuits. >> ball pit goes in meanwhile, a quick hello to some proud members of team usa. evan jager won silver in the steeplechase. good morning to both of you. all right. this was a pretty great achievement. one-two for the americans. how did you feel? >> felt great going in getting back on the podium again and bring something home for usa is
8:33 am
first medal in the steeplechase since 1984. congratulations to you. how did it feel earning some medal there? >> it was pretty incredible. it's been a life-long dream of mine and something i thought about every day for the last few years. being able to actually enjoy that moment and have it come true was pretty huge. >> is so dangerous. it's a hard thing to do. the uganda runner took a spill on the track. did you know that was happening? was that in the back of your mind? >> i think he was right behind me when he fell. i heard him hit the barrier hard. i came off that and took a look back just to see if there was a huge pile up. i didn't see the replay of it until just now.
8:34 am
weren't you thinking about quitting? >> we heard that rumor. >> i had surgery two years ago and last year i got left off the podium and 11 months ago i was considering retiring and started talking to a psychologist and got myself back. >> we're so glad you didn't retire. >> i'm really, really glad. >> thank you. >> congrats on everything. >> way to go. are you ready for the lesson of the day? >> natalie'stu i'm giving up on this. our track and field athletes of course involved. they both won silver. how do you say i'm a silver medalist. >> a lot of the track and field athletes making history so how would you say that? [ speaking portuguese ] >> no idea if she's telling the truth or not. >> it looks like that on the
8:35 am
hurdlers sweeping the podium. how do you say i swept the podium. [ speaking portuguese ] >> that's impressive. and that's natalie's portuguese class for today. all right. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we're looking at for the weekend outlook friday, it's going to be wet throughout two-thirds of the pretty good and the heat continues out west unfortunately. saturday, man, more wet weather in the east. out west the sunshine continues. they could use the rain and then sunday, sunday, rain finally starts to continue to shift east down into the gulf and into the southwest as well. northern plains into the pacific northwest looking a little on the toasty side.
8:36 am
>> announcer: "today's" olympic moment is sponsored by walmart, save money, live better. >> all right. now to "today's" olympic moment. our country's first medal of these games won in dramatic fashion. a rumble in rio so momentous it was felt halfway around the world. >> going for it in the last few seconds here.
8:37 am
india after sakshi malik rallied from a five-point deficit to defeat her opponent with a last-second score. >> she can't believe she won that right at the very end. >> an epic comeback followed by a joyful victory lap on the mat. malik capturing gold and her spot in history. >> representing india. >> the india's first medal in women's wrestling but the first medal in rio despite the largest delegation of athletes ever. out of india's 124 athletes, one woman becoming a point of pride for an entire country replacing the weight of the nation on her shoulders with a bronze medal
8:38 am
such a big population. nice to see they got their first one. >> up next, the doctor behind a lot of the beauty you see here in brazil. first, this is "today" on nbc. ? double down on your coffee and candy cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy flavored iced coffees.
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? double down on your coffee and candy cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy flavored iced coffees. get any medium iced coffee for $1.49. america runs on dunkin'. . "today" rio is sponsored by coca-cola. open a coke and enjoy the games. >> back with today's rio. when it comes to plastic surge rirks ten percent is done. >> we spent some time with the most face of plastic surgery that told her this. beauty is pain. >> with beautiful beaches and
8:41 am
i love it. >> when it comes to brazilian bodies, it's no different. over the course of his 45 year career, he says that he has done over 40,000 plastic surgeries and half of which are on men. the most well known and controversial client happens to be his very she has the most cosmetic surgeries angela. >> i know that plastic surgery has been a big part of your rise to fame? how come? >> well, i started to share a beautiful body. i increased my lips, breast implants, lynn aleppo suction. i have surgery every year to change things in my body. a lot of people think that it's
8:42 am
body. >> more than 10 percent of the world's total plastic surgical procedures occur in brazil. when it comes to butt impants and lifts, the country leads the way. >> why do you think plastic surgery is so common in brazil? >> because it's good. it's beautiful. >> obviously there are risks. >> of course. all the plastic surgery is carefully because there that occurs. >> is there a stigma? >> no, there's not a stigma. it's important to be proud. >> magazine plastica and in this year's game they respect brazil carrying the olympic torch just days before passing way. >> why do you give the surgeries?
8:43 am
it makes you feel beautiful. it makes you file better and gives you the self-esteem and that's what i like about it, and what i like. >> i don't know. >> wow. >> we're wondering where the scars are. >> yeah, the butt lift. >> where do they hide them. >> yeah and they wore thongs on
8:44 am
8:45 am
okay. we're back and it's 8:45 harry connick has a new gig and what's it called? >> harry.
8:46 am
>> yeah, we went to the time warn er center and i got a chance to talk to some people about the olympics, and we shot a nice piece on it. can we go to it? >> let's do it. >> can i see your best phelps face. ?? ?? >> do you know the olympics theme? >> i don't. >> yeah, welcome to rio. i don't know. i'm out. i'm sorry. >> we found somebody that knows the theme ladies and gentlemen. the youngest of all of them and she knows the olympics theme. what's the favorite track and field event. >> well, i ran hurdles in high school. >> you still got the old -- >> we will see.
8:47 am
?? >> yes. >> a lot of athletes are doing cupping. want to try it? >> sure. >> how does it, it feel? >> it hurts. >> where are you from? >> spain. >> would you like to participate in the olympic caddie style >> sure. >> go! usa! usa! they're peddling. they lead by two wheels and a banana seat. usa wins. usa wins. back to me in the studio. i've never said that before. >> i got chills.
8:48 am
pretty strong stuff. >> what is your show going to be about? >> it's going to have comedy, music and talk. i wanted to give people a break from the day. there's a lot of stuff going on in the world as you know better than anyone else. i wanted to do a fun and entertaining show that was different than some of the other things on the tv and unscripted and give people a party right in the middle of the day. >> do >> i don't know. >> who are you thinking snabt. >> i don't know. i'm available. >> yeah, i think that's a great pleasure for all of us. >> yeah. when does the show start? >> septembe 12. >> okay. check your local listings for the show coming september 12. back to hoda.
8:49 am
people here. wait what. wait what. we're going to talk about that. first it's on nbc. s "today" on .
8:50 am
>> announcer: "today's" today's gold is sponsored by
8:51 am
glog forthe first time after 14 years of service. harry connick getting up early to help a stranger with the lawn. and when the daughter graduates from the college. sharing your memorable moments today andha guys. >> thank you very much. we're in rio and we missed savannah every step of the way. >> every step of the way is not without you. we thought that we would find a past and going to be miss it like crazy. we bought a life size version and this is good. it's the question.
8:52 am
>> we're bog to go biking. i got one too. we're going to be going back. savannah it's time for the selfie. >> go. this is savannah guthrie. >> hi. >> bye. >> bye. >> savannah, i don't know if you it but we miss you. i just like strolling down the sidewalk. ??
8:53 am
>> is that alcohol? >> yeah, exactly. >> hello. >> all right. so time to put your toes in the water and this is it baby. soon we will be >> going for the number or anything. >> all of them. >> by the way the one that came up to me and said can i kiss it. go on and do them. get a wet one. >> savannah, we have been compiling a rio swag bag for
8:54 am
there's some items in here. >> it's for the baby. >> it's so cute and i'm so who mono yule. >> it's a nonalcoholic version and said no such thing. >> all right. all right. new kids on the block. >> by the way tomorrow is a huge show here and all of the athletes are still in rio and going to join us. we're going to recap the time in the two weeks here. >> we're back with more from rio
8:55 am
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she is a 4'8" giant and they're going to play the star-spangled banner again. ?? a busy thursday is under way in rio. and as the day of competition begins we turn our attention to the track on olympic stadium on day 13 of the 2016 games. from our home on copacabana beach. later tonight usain bolt will


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